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Custom Assemblies

Throughout the duration of our business, we have always welcomed the opportunity to build and assemble new products for our customers. We thrive on engineering innovative designs and machines to efficiently manufacture new products for our customers.

Some of our recent custom assemblies include manufacturing feeler gauges and gas-regulator diaphragms.


The feeler gages we developed not only measured the clearance between the simple parts but were produced with prongs on the end that were made to fit snuggly around an existing rod. The gages ranged in thickness from 0.010" to 0.050" and every tool was stamped with numbers to reflect the thickness of each gage.

Another custom assembly we provide is that of the gas-regulator diaphragm. Our precision machining allowed us to produce the poppet valves for the product as well as the plastic and silicone diaphragm itself.

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