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Printed Circuit Boards

Buckeye Electrical builds a wide variety of printed circuit boards. We can take a bare board and install all surface mount and through-hole components per our customer’s specifications. All of
our surface mount components are soldered and placed with our Quad SMT assembly line. Through-hole components, such as relays and coils, are soldered in place by hand. We produce a
large range of circuit boards, and we can produce them in large or small quantity orders.


Printed Circuit Board Capabilities:

  • Board sizes

    • Width: Up to 20"​

    • Length: up to 24"

    • Thickness: 0.015" to 0.200" 

  • Components ranging from 0402s up to QFP400s

  • Surface mount placement rate of up to 7,000 components per hour

With our efficient PCB assembly line, we can produce circuit boards with high precision and quality every time. At Buckeye Electrical, we strive to satisfy our customers by saving them time and money any way we can, and our assembly of printed circuit boards allows us to do just that.

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